Sarasota United Water Polo Club


We are excited to launch water polo in Sarasota! 

Please sign up for the summer session. 

We have groups for all levels - beginners of all ages welcome!


If you are not sure which group is right for you or your athlete, email the Coaches and they will assist you. 

See you at the pool!  

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About us


Sarasota United and the Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation

Sarasota United Water Polo Club strives to increase participation in Sarasota water polo at all levels, and also to develop outstanding athletes who embody the true spirit of sport and a tradition of excellence in all facets of their life - from the community to the classroom to the pool. 

Sarasota United Water Polo Club is part of the Southwest Florida Water Polo Foundation, a non-profit athletics organization based in Sarasota, Florida with a mission to grow the sport of water polo in Southwest Florida and support Southwest Florida water polo teams, programs, players, and events.  

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Want to get more involved?

If you would like to help grow Sarasota water polo, have ideas, or want to bring water polo to your school or pool, please contact us!